Stocks/Securities/Mutual Funds

Stocks/Securities/Mutual Funds

Unlock the Power of Your Appreciated Securities

Gifts of publicly traded stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares can yield a wealth of potential benefits for you and CMCS. 

With this type of gift, you can:

  • Eliminate capital gains taxes on the securities you donate—if you've held them for more than one year.
  • Qualify for an income tax charitable deduction based on the current fair market value of the securities on the date of the gift, depending on your tax situation.
  • Provide valuable support to CMCS's children and adults, services, and educational programs.

Ways to Donate 
Stocks/Securities/Mutual Funds

Appreciated securities are among the most versatile and economical assets to donate.

Life Income Gift

Use appreciated securities to fund a charitable trust or gift annuity, which can provide you, your spouse, or other beneficiaries annual income for life.

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