Cardinal McCloskey Community Services closely monitors and fully adheres to all required COVID-related health and safety protocols as mandated by the CDC and New York State. We make this commitment for the adults who live in our residences and attend our day programs, the young children who come to our schools each day, and all of the families, children, and teens we serve across our communities. Ensuring the well-being of those in our care and community is our top priority. Details of our health and safety protocols are available in each program, and at each of our sites.

Sanctuary Model

Sanctuary Model

We Are Sanctuary Certified

CMCS is extremely proud of our efforts and commitment to the Sanctuary Model. We are committed to the process of implementing the Sanctuary Model as our organizational trauma-informed model and maintaining our status as a Sanctuary network member. 

We worked long and hard to obtain our re-certification and the satisfaction we obtained from doing so revitalized us to strengthen our commitment to the model. This has lead us to our second re-certificationand on behalf of The ANDRUS Sanctuary Institute, Cardinal McCloskey Community Services has officially been Sanctuary Re-Certified as of January 2021.

We inherently know that this is a journey we must stay committed to as it is keeping us focused on the trauma issues that impact our agency staff and those we serve.?


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