Explorer for a Day

Explorer for a Day

July 6, 2018 / 5 mins read

An expected washout of a day could not dampen the spirits of our Explorers! As if they were making their way through a tropical rain forest, our “Explorers” were on a mission to uncover all of the wild adventures that awaited them at the Bronx Zoo!

It was a wonderful day for these children, many of whom have never been to the Bronx Zoo. The children’s joy was evidenced by their beautiful smiles. Their memories of this day will last them a lifetime.

Thank you to everyone involved in planning this outing. It is one of the many resources and activities offered to those in our care that imparts feelings of joy and happiness. Thank you to all the donors who sponsored a child (or children) at our "Explorer for a Day" outing. It was an extraordinary day as these children were surrounded by fun and laughter.

On behalf of CMCS and the children and families we serve, thank you for your kindness and generosity.