Create Your Legacy

Create Your Legacy

Create a Bright Future

Every day, the CMCS Staff serves and cares for children and adults in our programs and we count on the hope your generous contributions have provided. But did you know there are ways to continue helping us work towards our mission to protect, empower and promote independence for at-risk children and families and those with developmental disabilities through quality community-based services?

Through these special types of gifts, you can balance your need to provide for loved ones and support the causes that matter most to you, including CMCS. Please consider these opportunities, which allow you to make the most impact on CMCS's work.

Gifting Options

Make a Gift Through Your Will

Many people choose to designate a percentage of their estate, which allows the flexibility to benefit their loved ones and CMCS as circumstances changes.

Boost Your Retirement Income

A gift annuity is a special type of donation that allows you to support CMCS while providing regular income payments to you or someone you designate.

Reduce Taxes on Your Retirement Plan Assets

Individual Retirement Assets (IRAs) and 401(k)s are excellent vehicles for accumulating assets during retirement, but they are far less effective for transferring wealth to your loved ones.

Make an Easy Gift and Still Save on Taxes

Three of the easiest yet tax-wise ways to support CMCS can be accomplished in a matter of seconds with a pen or a keyboard. All you have to do is change the beneficiary designations on a document or form. Retirement account assets, a savings account, certificate of deposit, or a life insurance policy may be donated in this quick and easy way.

Our ability to fulfill the hopes and dreams of those we served begins with you. These gifts can extend your legacy in a way you never imagined.

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